Unfilled Residency Vacancies at PGY-1 and PGY-2 levels, Find Open Residency Spots and Vacancies
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List of Unfilled Residency Vacancies and Swap Positions

Off-cycle residency openings are usually due to residents resigning, changing specialties, being terminated, incoming residents not starting because of visa or medical issues, program expansions, new programs coming into existence, or programs not filling their spots. These vacancies occur throughout the year. In addition to helping you find vacancies, Resident Swap can find other residents who might be interested in switching places with you; i.e "swap." You have to have a residency position to participate in a swap.

For each PGY level, the number of programs with unfilled vacancies is listed in the first column, and the number of swap positions is listed in the second column.

Specialty PGY-1 PGY-2 PGY-3 PGY-4 PGY-5 PGY-6 Attending
Addiction Psychiatry (P) 1
Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant C... 1
Allergy and Immunology 1
Anesthesiology 21 134 11 1 2
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (P) 1
Child Neurology (N) 3 1 1 1
Clinical Neurophysiology (N) 1
Colon and Rectal Surgery 1
Critical Care Medicine (AN) 1
Critical Care Medicine (IM) 1
Cytopathology (PTH) 1
Dermatology 1 12
Emergency Medicine 428 112 1
Emergency Medicine|​Family Medicine 1
Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism... 13
Epilepsy 1
Externship/​Observership 2
Family Medicine 131 644 5 1 2
Gastroenterology (IM) 12
Geriatric Medicine (IM) 2
Hematology (PTH) 1
Hematology and Oncology (IM) 1 16 1
Hospice and palliative medicine 1 2
Infectious Disease (IM) 1 1 2
Internal Medicine 3289 5100 315 3 2
Internal Medicine|​Emergency Medicine 1
Internal Medicine|​Neurology 1
Internal Medicine|​Pediatrics 5
Internal Medicine|​Psychiatry 2
Neonatal-​Perinatal Medicine (PD) 2 1
Nephrology (IM) 11
Neurological Surgery 1 5 3 1 1
Neurology 11 213 4 3 1
Neuromuscular Medicine (N) 1
Neuroradiology (DR) 1
Nuclear Medicine 32 1
Nuclear Radiology (DR) 1
Obstetrics and Gynecology 25 414 42 11 2 1
Occupational Medicine 1
Ophthalmology 1 5 1 1 11
Orthopaedic Surgery 110 9 8 3 2 1
Otolaryngology 3 4
Pathology-​Anatomic and Clinical 17 7 4 1
Pediatric Endocrinology (PD) 61
Pediatric hematology/​oncology (PD) 8 1
Pediatric Infectious Diseases (PD) 2 1
Pediatric Pulmonology (PD) 3
Pediatric Radiology (DR) 1
Pediatric Urology (U) 1
Pediatrics 30 19 11 4 1
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 1 12 12 1
Plastic Surgery 2 1 1 4 1
Plastic surgery -​ integrated 11 1
Preventive Medicine (Gen Prev Med, Occ ... 1
Psychiatry 37 231 15 5 21
Psychosomatic Medicine (P) 1
Pulmonary Disease (IM) 2
Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Med... 7 1
Radiation Oncology 19 12 11 1
Radiology-​Diagnostic 6 50 215 2 2 1
Research and Employment 31 8 2 1
Sports Medicine (IM) 1
Surgery-​General 276 828 1213 62 8
Surgical Critical Care (GS) 1 4
Thoracic Surgery 1 11
Thoracic surgery -​ integrated 1
Transitional Year 343 1
Urology 12 2 1
Vascular Neurology (N) 2
Vascular Surgery (GS) 1
Vascular surgery -​ integrated 21 11
  • Totals:  PGY1: 50 vacancies, 753 swaps, PGY2: 47 openings, 406 swaps, PGY3: 27 vacancies, 98 swaps, PGY4: 58 openings, 37 swaps, PGY5: 14 vacancies, 11 swaps, PGY6: 27 openings, 1 swaps.
  • For each PGY level in the table above, the number of programs with unfilled vacancies is listed in the first column, and the number of swap positions is listed in the second column.
Current Residency, Fellowship, and Attending Openings
223Open Residency & Fellowship Positions
1306Residency Swap Positions
14Attending/Physician Vacancies

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Newest Unfilled Residency Openings in the Last Ten Days

Post Time Year Specialty Type
PGY-6Pediatric Radiology (DR) FellowshipVacancy
PGY-6Radiology-​Diagnostic FellowshipsVacancy
PGY-6Neuroradiology (DR) FellowshipVacancy
PGY-2Internal MedicineSwap
PGY-3Physical Medicine and RehabilitationVacancy
AttendingObstetrics and GynecologyVacancy
PGY-2Nuclear MedicineVacancy
PGY-6Plastic SurgeryVacancy
PGY-6Plastic SurgeryVacancy
PGY-6Research and EmploymentVacancy
PGY-4Plastic SurgeryVacancy
PGY-4Gastroenterology (IM) FellowshipVacancy
PGY-4Hematology and Oncology (IM) FellowshipSwap
PGY-1Internal MedicineSwap
PGY-4Hematology and Oncology (IM) FellowshipSwap
PGY-1Family MedicineSwap
PGY-1Internal MedicineSwap
PGY-1Research and EmploymentVacancy
PGY-1Research and EmploymentVacancy
PGY-2Family MedicineSwap
PGY-1Family MedicineSwap
PGY-5Neonatal-​Perinatal Medicine (PD) FellowshipVacancy
PGY-1Research and EmploymentVacancy
PGY-1Research and EmploymentVacancy
PGY-1Research and EmploymentVacancy
PGY-1Research and EmploymentVacancy
PGY-2Nuclear MedicineVacancy
PGY-5Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine (I...Swap
PGY-1Family MedicineSwap
AttendingPathology-​Anatomic and ClinicalVacancy
PGY-1Research and EmploymentVacancy
PGY-2Family MedicineSwap
PGY-2Internal MedicineSwap
PGY-2Physical Medicine and RehabilitationSwap
PGY-2Internal MedicineVacancy
PGY-3Surgery-​General CategoricalVacancy
PGY-2Family MedicineVacancy
PGY-4Critical Care Medicine (IM) FellowshipVacancy
PGY-1Family MedicineSwap
PGY-5Clinical Neurophysiology (N) FellowshipVacancy
AttendingOrthopaedic SurgeryVacancy
PGY-1Internal MedicineSwap
AttendingCritical Care Medicine (AN) FellowshipVacancy
PGY-1Internal MedicineSwap
PGY-2Family MedicineSwap
PGY-2Family MedicineSwap
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What is a Residency Opening?

A residency opening is an unfilled vacancy in a hospital, where the residency program does not have enough residents. This can be an off-cycle opening, immediate opening, or starting at a future date, such as July 1, 2021, or July 1, 2021. The above list generally does not contain the expected on-cycle openings that typically start in July every year, as these are generally known and can be found elsewhere.

Off-cycle residency opening is a vacancy that begins during an unusual month, other than July.

What is a Residency Swap ® Post?

A residency swap position is a post made by a resident who would like to switch location or specialty with another resident. You have to have a residency position to participate in a swap, but you do not need to be in residency to apply for an open position.

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