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Residency and Fellowship Programs

Residency programs typically accept candidates at PGY-1 level via a match, but can have unexpected openings at PGY-1, PGY-2, PGY-3 and other levels.

Several specialties start at PGY-2 level, and require completion of PGY-1 year in a clinical specialty such as in internal medicine, surgery, or transitional-year prior to start. These include Radiology, Anesthesiology, Neurology, Nuclear Medicine, Psychiatry, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), Urology, Ophthalmology, and Dermatology. Some of these require the clinical year to be specifically in internal medicine or surgery. Few of these advanced residency programs may offer an integrated PGY-1 year at the same institution.

Fellowship programs generally require prior completion of a specific residency. The prerequisite residency type is indicated below by the abbreviation in the parentheses. However, in very specific circumstances, it may be possible to start a fellowship without a residency, as "Alternate Pathway". This is occasionally available in Radiology to candidates who already qualify in that specialty in another country.



Brain Injury Medicine:
1 residency program


Cardiovascular Disease (IM):
267 fellowship programs
Chemical Pathology (PTH):
5 fellowship programs
Child abuse pediatrics (PD):
31 fellowship programs
Child Neurology (N):
77 fellowships
Clinical Neurophysiology (N):
91 fellowship programs
Colon and Rectal Surgery:
66 residency programs
Congenital cardiac surgery (TS):
14 fellowship programs
Critical Care Medicine (AN):
64 fellowship programs
Critical Care Medicine (IM):
49 fellowship programs
Cytopathology (PTH):
93 fellowship programs


148 residency programs




Gastroenterology (IM):
219 fellowships
Geriatric Medicine (FM):
51 fellowship programs
Geriatric Medicine (IM):
114 fellowships
Geriatric Psychiatry (P):
63 fellowship programs
Gynecologic Oncology:
61 residencies


Hand Surgery (GS):
1 fellowship
Hand Surgery (ORS):
74 fellowships
Hand Surgery (PS):
16 fellowship programs
Hematology (IM):
2 fellowship programs
Hematology (PTH):
87 fellowships
Hospice and palliative medicine:
170 residency programs




Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine (PD):
102 fellowship programs
Nephrology (IM):
152 fellowship programs
Neurological Surgery:
126 residency programs
173 residency programs
Neuromuscular Medicine (N):
1 fellowship program
Neuropathology (PTH):
36 fellowship programs
Neuroradiology (DR):
89 fellowship programs
Neurotology (OTO):
24 fellowships
Nuclear Medicine:
36 residencies
Nuclear Radiology (DR):
18 fellowship programs


Obstetrics and Gynecology:
305 residency programs
Occupational Medicine:
1 residency program
Oncology (IM):
7 fellowships
128 residencies
Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ORS):
96 fellowship programs
Orthopaedic Surgery:
211 residencies
Orthopaedic Trauma (ORS):
12 fellowship programs
131 residencies


Pain medicine:
109 residency programs
Pain Medicine (AN):
1 fellowship program
Pathology-Anatomic and Clinical:
145 residency programs
Pediatric Cardiology (PD):
62 fellowship programs
Pediatric Nephrology (PD):
47 fellowship programs
Pediatric Otolaryngology (OTO):
31 fellowship programs
Pediatric Pathology (PTH):
29 fellowship programs
Pediatric Rehabilitation (PM):
22 fellowship programs
Pediatric Rheumatology (PD):
35 fellowship programs
Pediatric Sports Medicine (PD):
17 fellowship programs
Pediatric Surgery (GS):
54 fellowship programs
Pediatric Urology (U):
26 fellowship programs
216 residency programs
7 residency programs
Pediatrics|Emergency Medicine:
4 residency programs
Plastic Surgery:
53 residency programs
Preventive Medicine:
74 residency programs
289 residency programs
6 residencies
Psychosomatic Medicine (P):
64 fellowship programs



Sleep Medicine:
99 residencies
Spinal Cord Injury Medicine (PM):
24 fellowship programs
Sports Medicine (EM):
9 fellowship programs
Sports Medicine (FM):
154 fellowships
Sports medicine (PM):
21 fellowships
370 residencies
Surgical Critical Care (GS):
142 fellowship programs


Thoracic Surgery:
76 residencies
Transitional Year:
185 residency programs



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