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Method 1: Syndicating via JavaScript

This is the easiest method. The list will appear like the one below. It is also easy to change the font, colors and appearance of this list.

HTML Code (Copy & Paste this into your web page):

Will Appear Like:

Once you Copy & Paste the above HTML code into your web page, you can change the colors, font, and other attributes by editing the following:

  • rs_table_style: style of the table containing the listing.
  • rs_table_heading_style: style of the table cell containing text "Featured Residency Vacancies by ResidentSwap.org".
  • rs_post_style: style of the table cell containing "Post a Vacancy".
  • rs_post_link_style: style of the link "Post a Vacancy".
  • rs_title_style: style of the title of each vacancy.
  • rs_date_style: style of the date displayed by each vacancy.
  • rs_detail_style: style of the details of each vacancy.
  • rs_more_style: style of the link containing the text "More..".
It is also possible to display only certain specialties, specify the maximum number of vacancies listed, and hide the details by modifying the URL parameters in the above HTML code.
  • To display only certain specialties, add the specialties parameter to the url followed by a comma-separated list of specialty codes that you want displayed. For example:
  • You can hide the details of each vacancy by replacing the "1" with a "0". For example:
    • http://www.residentswap.org/syndication/featured_vacancies_js.php?details=0
  • To set the maximum number of vacancies that can be displayed, change the max parameter to the desired number. For example:
    • http://www.residentswap.org/syndication/featured_vacancies_js.php?details=1&max=3

Method 2: Syndicating via Javascript in a One-Line Format

HTML Code (Copy & Paste this into your web page):

Will Appear Like:
Unexpected Vacancies:

Method 3: Syndicating via RSS

If your web site can display RSS content, the address of our feed is: http://www.residentswap.org/open_spots/rss.php

If your web site cannot currently display RSS feeds, and you would like to implement this functionality, please visit: http://www.rss-specifications.com/display-rss.htm. We recommend the rss2html utility.

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