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Nephrology (IM) Fellowship Positions in Florida (FL)

There are 7 Nephrology (IM) programs in Florida. Browse other states or other specialties.
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All Accredited Nephrology (IM) Fellowship Programs in Florida:

University of Florida Medical Center
Department of Medicine, PO Box 100224
1600 SW Archer Road Rm #CG-98
Gainesville, FL 32610
Program Director:
JogiRaju Tantravahi, MD, PhD

(352) 273-8822
Kayla Southerland

(352) 265-8886
College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic
4500 San Pablo Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32224
Program Director:
Nabeel Aslam, MBBS

(904) 953-2749
Michelle Tuetken, BSc

(904) 953-8298
University Medical Center
655 West 8th Street
Jacksonville, FL 32209
Program Director:
Linda Robertson MD

University of Florida College of Medicine - Jacksonville
Division of Nephrology
580 W 8th Street, Tower 1, 5th Floor, Suite 513
Jacksonville, FL 32209
Program Director:
Charles Heilig, MD

(904) 244-6689
Jessica McDonald-Jazrawi, MBA

(904) 244-3092
University of Miami School of Medicine
1120 NW 14th Street
Room 809A (R-126)
Miami, FL 33136
Program Director:
Oliver Lenz, MD, MBA

(305) 243-3583
Grace Polanco

(305) 243-2201
USF Health, Morsani College of Medicine
2 Tampa General Circle, 6th Floor
Tampa, FL 33606
Program Director:
Claude Bassil, MD

(813) 259-8668
Sarah McCauley, MA

(813) 974-1469
Cleveland Clinic Florida
2950 Cleveland Clinic Boulevard
Weston, FL 33331
Program Director:
Surafel Gebreselassie, MD

(954) 659-5148
Fritzna Alincy

(954) 659-5361

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