Residency Vacancies and Research Positions

March 13, 2023: In addition to residency openings, we have made a substantial effort to expand the number of posted research and employment positions that are suitable for medical graduates.

Congress Bill S.348: Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act of 2019

March 21, 2021: A bill proposed in 2019 would increase the number of residency positions eligible for graduate medical education payments under Medicare for qualifying hospitals, with an aggregate increase of 3,000 positions per fiscal year for five years. Of these positions, at least 1,500 per fiscal year must be for residents in a shortage specialty residency program (i.e., a program in a specialty in which baseline physician requirements projections exceed the projected supply of total active physicians, as identified by the Health Resources and Services Administration in a specified report). Senate-bill 348. gets a New Look

December 22, 2020: Website was updated to enhance navigation, especially on mobile devices, and to improve features.

Temporary Emergency Licensure of Foreign Physicians

April 17, 2020: The State of New Jersey is issuing temporary, emergency licenses to foreign-licensed physicians so that they may provide essential healthcare services during the current COVID-19 public health emergency. For more information, visit: NJ Temporary Foreign Physician Licensure Program Application and NJ FAQ-Foreign-Licensed-Doctor-Program.pdf

Upcoming Server Upgrade Notice

June 29, 2017: A significant upgrade to the server hardware and software is scheduled for July 1 and July 2. We expect all services to remain operational during this transition, but a short outage is possible. Additional notices will be posted on all pages during the upgrade.

Medical Graduates without a residency can now serve as Licensed Assistant Physicians in Missouri

March 20, 2017: Resident Swap, Inc. has made significant efforts to facilitate the creation and posting of new Assistant Physician Positions in Missouri.

Residency + Attending Positions

Feb. 12, 2017: Due to popular demand, Attending positions are now also published on Resident Swap.

Even Friendlier Formalities

Dec. 19, 2015: Official Terms of Use now formally reflect our pre-existing friendly & reasonable refund policy, and privacy policy of safeguarding your information.

Website Enhancements

Jan. 12, 2015: New enhancements were made to reflect the newest developments in secure web connectivity. However, some very old browsers or operating systems may not be able to take advantage of the new secure connection format. If you are using Windows XP Service Pack 2, or Mac OS 10.5 or earlier, please either upgrade, or install latest versions of Chrome or FireFox.

20% of residents resign, 6% during their PGY-1 year in surgery

Mar. 14, 2013: Per recent Yale study Yeo et al, "A national study of attrition in general surgery training: which residents leave and where do they go?" Annals of Surgery 2010 Sep 252(3):529-34

Addition of Research Positions

Mar. 16, 2012: ACGME-accredited off-cycle residency positions will remain the primary focus of our listings and alerts. However, starting 3/16/2012, we will also proactively search for and publish research positions that are suitable for residents and medical graduates.

Website Optimizations

Jan. 29, 2012: Series of improvements have been done to make make Resident Swap access even quicker. Partners with Resident Swap

Feb. 3, 2009: World Community Grid, the organization that makes it possible to carry out large-scale scientific research calculations that benefit humanity on thousands of volunteers' personal computers across the globe has partnered with Resident Swap. Resident Swap will continue to provide rewards for our users who participate in the World Community Grid, in the form of free subscription extensions.

Article on Finding Unadvertised Openings

Oct. 19, 2007: Many residency vacancies are never advertised anywhere. Finding such an opening means far less competition and higher chances of getting the spot. In this article, we present step-by-step instructions on how to find these vacancies. ResidentSwap also features a powerful software tool that can help you efficiently find these openings.

Rewards for Notifying us of Open Positions

Oct. 17, 2007: If you hear of a vacancy in which you are not interested in, please let us know. We will waive or refund your subscription fee if you are the first person to report a verifiable opening. This policy will further augment the number of openings listed on ResidentSwap. We are interested in any off-cycle vacancies. This includes "ASAP" openings, as well as "Off-normal-cycle" openings, such as R1 (PGY-2) Radiology starting July 2008. (Normally, programs like Radiology or Ophthalmology accept R1 applications 2 years in advance). (SDN) partners with ResidentSwap

Oct. 17, 2007: ResidentSwap has been invited to co-host a vacancy forum on The Student Doctor Network website. ResidentSwap will supply featured vacancy listings to the forum. selects ResidentSwap as its Featured Supplier

Oct. 16, 2007 ResidentSwap has been selected as this month's Featured Supplier by

Changes in the Alert System

Until Oct 4, 2007, website visitors were able to post vacancies directly and this information was forwarded immediately to the subscribers. This was done intentionally to minimize the delay between the time that a post is made and when subscribers receive the alerts.

Unfortunately, due to the prior abuse of this approach by irresponsible visitors, this feature was disabled on 10/4/2007. Any new visitor-submitted posts will now be verified with the residency programs before the subscribers are alerted. Please note that you might still receive unverified alerts if the notice is coming from a trusted source.